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In this menu, you find Airports SID/STAR/Approaches procedure to download, for FD-FMC aircraft and the Freenav AIRAC « bgl » file.   Each Airport folder must be placed in the FD_FMC folder, and its name must have only the 4 ICAO characters. By default, airports files are designed for FSX/P3D default airport. But in some case, an updated AFCAD is provided with the airport pack file. This AFCAD add missing ILS in the most cases. It must be placed in your « \Addon Scenery\Scenery\ » folder, except if you have already an addon scenery which add missing information. For these special airports pack, you have always a TXT file with installation instruction, and you will have to rename the airport folder with only the 4 ICAO characters ident.

If you want download only airports of your choice, you can do it by select the following pages :

Current AIRAC file can be found here : Current AIRAC

Google Earth KMZ file to locate aiports : Google Earth KMZ file

Airports included in the database :


Click here to see the full airport list

  • New airports : blue color
  • Updated airports : Green color



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