Click on the links below to download full aircraft pack or panel updates.


Last FD-FMC panel is 1.60 (May 2017) . You can find in the bottom of this page a link to download a full pack of Panel 1.60 for all Airbus A32x family.


What’s new :

  • First waypoint of the flightplan (departure runway threshold was not created) : bug Fixed
  • Many small bugs fixed

Now, Aircraft’s pack come with an Setup program to an easy install !



This new « light » HD texture in 2048 are available with a link in the bottom of the page.



 Full A321 Aircraft pack
Link to download A321 FD-FMC v1.55a full aircraft pack on AVSIM library


1.55a : fix some issues of the first pack realized

A321 Panel updates

A321 Panel update







 Full A320 Aircraft pack
Link to download A320 FD-FMC v1.55 full aircraft pack on AVSIM library




A320 Panel updates

A320 Panel update







Full A319 Aircraft pack
Link to download A319 FD-FMC v1.55 full aircraft pack on AVSIM library


Link to download A319 FD-FMC v1.55 full aircraft pack on FlightSim Library


A319 Panel updates
A319 Panel update







Full A318 Aircraft pack
Link to download A318 FD-FMC v1.55 full aircraft pack on AVSIM library


Link to download A318 FD-FMC v1.55 ful aircraft pack on FlightSim library


A318 Panel updates
A318 Panel update





Common files

All A32x panel update 1.60

(comes with an installer, but you can install manually)


 A32x Family panel update version 1.60
FD-FMC Sounds

(current version is 4.1)

 Callout sound pack for FD-FMC aircraft v4.1
VC Textures variants


 CokiBH VC Textures for A32x in 2048

Download this set of texture if you get some memory issue with the 4096 HD textures provided in packs

Orginal texture designer : CokiBH . Resized by Wulf


CokiBH VC Textures for A32x Dirty version (2048 & 4096 pixels)

This texture’s set gives a more realisitic flight experience !

Texture designer : CokiBH

User Manuals


VC textures issue 

If you get VC texture issue (blurred or FSX crash by OOM ) :

Packs are provided with very high quality VC texture in 4096 pixels, 32b. So, with some configuration, these textures may occurs some problem or FSX crash, because they require many memory.

To solve this problem, you can found above, a link to download the same texture in 2048 pixels 32b. Texture are more light (2,7 Mo vs 10 Mo for 4096). If you have VC texture problem, download this set and copy files included in the « Texture » folder of each aircraft the files to replace the previous in 4096.

Check your FSX.cfg file to set TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 or TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048.

Small improvement : Too low fuel consumption for some models
A321 (CFM and IAE) has a too low fuel consumption (not realisitic for a long fight. So, edit aircraft.cfg file of each version (CFM and IAE) and go in the [TurbineEngineData] section and set ThrustSpecificFuelConsumption to 0.50 (current value is 0.45).
I am checking other models.


François Doré

Last update December. 1st july 2017


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