Today, I present A320 FD-FMC panel update 1.11 : Panel A320FD-FMC 1.11 CFM&IAE.zip


What’s new with this update :

  • New LOC Backcourse approach mode, when available on airport :Backcourse mode allows to use ILS signal of the opposite runway to get a Localizer guidance to land. (e.g KRDD Redding, Rwy 16 approach).
  • Approach Gradient data for each leg of an approach can be included in approach data file, and used by FD-FMC
  • In previous version, ILS scale appeared as soon as a LOC approach loaded; Now, with v1.11, ILS scale appears as soon as you are in approach : bug fixed
  • When you renounced to take-off, all callout and some take data was lost. Now, after a « reject take-off », all system are reset.
  • You can now use VFR flight plan; FD-FMC is able to save VFR flight plan : bug fixed
  • Airport information page (Departure and arrival) display now runways from 3000 feet and more. Previous version displayed runways 4000 feet and longer.
  • Cruise mode had a bug : When you selected a flight level lower than actual, above the crossover altitude (mach mode) IAS value was not updated duriong the descent to the new flight level : bug fixed.
  • New feature to display SID and STAR index, with the possibility to have skip lines for more clarity (Thank you Wulf for this excellent idea !)
  • New background bitmaps for displays, when aircraft is cold and dark
  • XML code improved for better performance

This is highly recommended to update your panel.


Here a screenshot of the new version of VNKT approach, with FD-FMC 1.11 : This approach has a multiple gradient leg (see « Procedure » column) ; When waypoint has no value, that means that gradient is standard (3° – 5.2% )

Now, FD-FMC is enable to manage these data :


You can see also on this picture, the new cell about Backcourse approach mode.



Other feature: now, we have the possiblity to insert blank lines in SID or STAR list, to split list in runway blocks, for a better look :




New airports added to the database :
  • EGAA – Belfast Aldergrove – United Kingdom – By Jean-Pierre Varnier
  • FACT – Cape Town – South Africa – By Georges
  • KACV – Arcata/Eureka – USA (California) – By Wulf Bindewald
  • KMFR – Roghe Valley/Medford – USA (Oregon) – By Wulf Bindewald
  • KSAN – San Diego – USA (California) – By francois Dore
  • LDZA – Zagrb/Plezo – Croatia – By Philippe Bronier
  • LKPR – Praha – Czech Republic – By Philippe Bronier

Updates :

  • KASE – Add gradient data in approach file (requires panel 1.11)
  • NTAA – Fix some errors in STAR data
  • VNKT – Add gradient data in approaches files (requires panel 1.11)

New AIRAC file : 11282015


Go to the « Freenavdbgroup Airport Database » menu to download these new and updated airports and the new AIRAC file.


November, 28th 2015

Francois Dore