New FD-FMC 1.55 is online. I prepared 4 full aircraft’s pack that you can download on AVSIM library (I am uploading also on FlightSim library…). Go to the donwload page to get these packs. A318, A319, A320 and A321 are online.

Many thanks to Project Airbus Team for their fabulous models ! 


What’s new:

  • New VC model prepared by Björn Kesten, with copilot ND/PFD position fixed, anti-skid working
  • New AIR file with engine drag improved
  • New descent gauge
  • FD-FMC can manages now 2 SID or STAR pages ( 200 SID and 130 STAR ) required by huge airport. Now 16 approaches max.
  • During approach, FD-FMC has now an adaptative pitch to join the next waypoint at the right altitude (variable pitch)
  • Auto QNH function to fix QNH issue when atmospheric pressure change according weather engine
  • Holding pattern can h ave an exit altitude lower that entry altitude
  • Many small bugs fixed
  • New TOD (Top Of Descent) formula created by Wulf Bindewald
  • New VC textures in HD, created by CokiBH !

Now, Aircraft’s pack come with a « Setup » program to an easy install !

Merry Christmas

François Doré

December 27th, 2016