Today, June 4th, following airports have been added :


  • EINN – Shannon – IRELAND by Philippe Bronier
  • LEPP – Pamplona – SPAIN by Philippe Bronier
  • LFLB – Chambery Aix les Bains – FRANCE by Philippe Bronier
  • LIRP – Pisa San Giusto – ITALIA by Francesco Bragagnolo
  • PAEN – Kenai – USA (Alaska) by Wulf Bindewald
  • YPAD – Adelaide – AUSTRALIA by Francois Dore
  • KDFW – Dallas Fort Worth – USA (Texas) by francois Dore

one update :

  • BIKF – Keflavik – ICELAND by Francois Dore : some approach ‘speed constraints fixed.

NEW AIRAC : 06042016

So, please note that if you use KDFW with current FDFMC version (1.20.1) , you can use only the first page of the SID (Runway 17/18) and the first page of STAR (only RNAV STAR). I am working on the panel update (v1.30) that will allow to use KDFW full. Coming soon ….Sorry for the convenience

So, welcome to Francesco Bragagnolo, for his first airport !