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New Airports

Following airports have been added to database today; Please note that RJBB Osaka Kansai exists in 2 versions : one for FSX default airport (only runway 06-24) and one provided with an updated and ehanced AFCAD (runway 06L-24R and 06R-24L), or to be use with any update scenery.

2 updated airports : EHRD and KEGE.


New Airports :

  • GOOY – Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor Intl – SENEGAL – by Francois Dore
  • LOWW – Wien Schwechat International – AUSTRIA - By Martien Van Rooten
  • RJBB – Osaka Kansai International – JAPAN - Version for FSX default airport by Francois Dore
  • RJBB (read install file) - Osaka Kansai International – JAPAN – Version for updated Scenery or to be use with ehanced AFCAD provided by Francois Dore


Updates :

  • EHRD : 4.02 by Martien Van Rooten
  • KEGE : 4.01 by Wulf Bindewald


New AIRAC file : 04232016


A321 FD-FMC 1.20 Available and some new airports



The new Project Airbus A321 FD-FMC v1.20 is available. This new aircraft comes with a new version of FD-FMC (v1.20) which solves some issue of previous version. I worked hard to improve the flight dynamics of A321 better cruise attitude, realisitc engines thrust….).

You have to use and keep AIR and Aircraft.cfg files (CFM and IAE version) provided in the pack otherwise, FD-FMC will not run properly.

Aircraft pack include the last airport database.


Donwload link is on this page


So, today 4 new airports and one update added to airport database :

  • EGPF – Glasgow Intl – United Kingdom by Philippe Bronier
  • KSMF – Sacramento Intl – USA (California) by Wulf Bindewald
  • MMAA - General Juan N Alvarez Intl – Acapulco – MEXICO by Francois Dore
  • SCRM - Teniente Rodolfo Marsh – Isla Rey Jorge – Chile (Antartica) by Georges

Update :

  • SEQU - Mariscal Sucre Intl – Quito – Ecuador by francois Dore  : This update fixes wrong acceleration altitude which was dangerous with surrounding mountains.


Please, note that MMAA Acapulco is provided with an optional AFCAD, because FSX default airport has a wrong ILS 28 heading (offset = 1°), that not exist in real life. You can use or not this AFCAD

SCRM is the most southern airport for liners (very close of Antartica ! )

Francois Dore

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