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In July 2012, I decided to create a simple FMS, designed to equip Project Airbus Team aircrafts. And FD-FMC, this simplified FMS, was born. Its purpose is to be used by everyone, because most Flight Simulator users do not have the patience to learn how to operate a real FMC.

For this, it has an ergonomic, non-realistic interface (quite intentionally) very far from the appearance of a real FMS, which seems to be an instrument dating another age, in order to be simple to program. Of course, purists will cry « foul », but in return, It has true vertical navigation functions, which offers no other FMC Freeware. It reproduces almost all operating modes of an Airbus (Managed, SelecteD modes, Reversion modes, FPA mode ….).

It is supplemented by an Auto-pilot evolved with continuous re-calibration of the IAS / MACH speed according to altitude (that is not FSX original) and an A/THR based on the N1 thrust engines, thereby reproduce climb or descent of the aircraft, with constant thrust.


FD-FMC manages holding pattern, DME-ARC, teardrop turn, RNAV, ILS, LOC, LOC Back course approaches with autoloand capability. A light fly by wire system, with alpha protection is available.


FD-FMC allows you to edit, modify flight plan via its interface. FD-FMC is now in release version 1.55, with all the Project Airbus aircrafts family.


If you want download last Project Airbus A318, A319, A320 or A321 full aircraft packs with FD-FMC, go to download page.


To get more information about FD-FMC, see this page : FD-FMC Project


Thus was born FreeNav Db Group, a group of passionate people and volunteers who write weekly data of new airports, based on official maps, so that airplanes with FD-FMC offer the most realistic flight as possible.

With this database is growing day by day, FD-FMC operates flights as in reality, with the SID speed or altitude constraints, STAR, with altitude and speed constraints for each waypoint during descent and approach, with procedures such as holding patterns, DME-ARC-or U-turns « teardrop ».

An explanation manual can be downloaded from this site, and it is accompanied by an XLS file forming « input mask » to create data files airports.

Feel free to join FreeNav DB Group, to build the first database SID / STAR / APPROACHES completely Freeware. Your welcome.

I wish to thank Bertrand Delannoy, who kindly hosted on his website for 2 years, the project files, and more importantly, who created the template for this site with page design by regional classification code ICAO. Bertrand thank you a thousand times for all this time you’ve spent on the project.


the website is being translated, so it is not completed, and please excuse me for my bad English !


François Doré


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